How to Look Good in White Pants

How To Look Good In White PantsNo clothing color will look better than crisp white pants as whites are exceptionally stylish. But the only concern is any type of lump or crease is noticed very easily on whites. White pants can be looked good in person of any shape. Just follow some tips on how to give a good look while wearing white pants.

How to wear White Pants

Match the color of the underwear with the color of the skin: The dark color of the underwear will be visible from the white pants. So make sure that you are wearing a light color or skin color underwear which is not at all visible under white pants. Do not wear white underwear inside a white pant as it will be clear in the pants. You can choose among light shades like beiges and brown and it also depends on your skin color. So always look into the mirror if your underwear is visible through the pants or not.

Wear pantyhose: A pantyhose is a skin tight one piece garment that combines stockings and panties and it is worn by women only. So all women can wear pantyhose as it smoothes the skin and help to hold the skin tight. Another thing is to wear pantyhose in addition to the normal underwear.

Go for one larger size than your normal size: If you want to wear white pants then you have to avoid wearing form fitting and skin tight clothes as the body contours will be visible. So you have to go for one larger size than the normal size of clothes that you wear.

Remove the skin tanning: Try to remove the tanning from your legs and feet as the tanning looks very bad when you wear whites. You can use tan removing lotions few hours before wearing white pants. This is important as dark skin color is more visible while wearing white pants. Try to exfoliate the rough patches before removing the tanning from the legs as it will help to prevent the skin to look darker than other parts of the body.

Wear heels: The high heel shoes looks trendy with  a pair of white pants. This is due to the fact that high heeled shoes elongate the legs and make you look slimmer.The girls can wear high heel shoes or sandal and boys can wear high heel shoes.

Do not wear see through white pants: See through white pants look very bad. So always check in the mirror before you buy a white pant and go out.You can also check the thickness of the white pant cloth by putting your hand into the pant and looking the transparency of it.