How to Look Good in Sandals

How to Look Good in SandalsEvery one wear sandals but not  everybody look good while wearing sandals. Do you think why not? This is because of the ignorance of the people to make any effort to give your feet and sandal a good look. Check out some of the ideas to maximize the style while wearing a sandal.

How To Wear Sandals and Look Good

Take care of your foot: Start working on the condition of your foot. Do pedicure as it will help to heal the cracked and neglected skin of the foot. This will restore the foot condition to sandal condition. Exfoliate the rough spots of the feet with a stiff brush every time you take a bath.Indurated skin require more effort to make it soft. So you can do it regularly  as excessive exfoliation  and rubbing at a single time will lead to irritation on the skin.

Trim the toenails: Always trim the toenails every month as less length of the nails will help to minimize the risks of the cracks and the harbor fungus. You need to maintain healthy nails if you want to wear sandal so always clear under the nails and take a foot bath regularly.

Deep conditioning: Deep conditioning of the foot is required to get rid of the cracked and rough foot skin. You can use a foot cream to moisturize the foot. You can buy products containing alpha hydroxyl to heal the dry skin faster.

Pain the nails: Choose nail paint colors that complement the skin and clothes you wear. You can wear any color of your choice on your foot nails. If needed you can apply a base coat on affected nails and can use a French manicure style on the tips of the toenail.

Choose right fit sandals: The sandals that you wear must be of the right size as wrong size sandals do not look good. Another thing to keep in mind is that if your feet are on the plump side then avoids wearing tight straps or elastic style. If the arteries are quite visible then wearing top cover sandals is the best option. Thong style sandals should be avoided in people who have not attractive toes. Last but not the least is to choose a pair  of sandals  that are comfortable for your feet as you have to wear them for the whole day.