How to Look Good in a T-Shirt

T-shirt gives a good look to your personality. It is easy to wear and comfortable. You can make the appearance of the T-shirt better by following some tips on wearing a T-shirt.Check out some of them here.

Wear jeans or shorts with T-shirt: T-shirt is a casual dress which goes well with a pair of jeans or shorts. In summers you can wear shorts while in winters you should wear jeans with T-shirt.

Buy the right size of the T-shirt: The size of the T-shirt must be perfect as oversize T-shirt makes you look shapeless and tight T-shirt will show the body contours. So the T-shirt should not be over size and too tight. Another advantage of the right size T-shirt is that you will feel comfortable in it.

Wear right length T-shirt: The shirt should not be too long or too short.In case the T-shirt is too long then you have to it tuck it but tucking a T-shirt in a jeans is out of fashion. If it is short then it will show your tummy which does not look good. So wear one that covers the hipline.

Fabric must be good: The fabric of the T-shirt must be of cotton with some stretch in it .This fabric gives you a comfortable feeling and it also leaves some relief from the hot weather.

Experiment with new styles of necklines: You will get various options on neck styles. So keep on experimenting with new style. Boat neck in T-shirt is the best fit for people who have wide hips and things and V-neck T-shirts look good for people who have wide or small chest. So choose your T-shirts accordingly.

Wear a cool undershirt: Wear a tight undershirt as it will hide the lines in the shirt and undershirt enhances the look of the T-shirt and it looks better on V-neck shirts.

Wear some accessories: Accessories add to the beauty of any dress. So you can wear a belt with a nice buckle. Girls have more options for accessories as they can wear trendy jewelry and bangles.

Funky Shoes: No outfit is complete with a perfect pair of shoes. So wear trendy and casual shoes with T-shirt.

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