How to Look Good At Work with Uniform

How to Look Good At Work with UniformEverybody feels that uniforms are non–inspiring and repetitive but they need to be worn for uniformity between colleagues at a work place. While in some companies the rule is not to wear uniform but avoid wearing flashy accessories, shoes etc. and opt for a professional wardrobe than casual dresses. When they don’t find uniformity then they have to implement uniforms. A few options are still often available to look professional, polished and attractive in a work uniform. You can check out the best tips on how to look good at work with uniform:

How to Look Good In a Work Uniform

Hair Style: The hair should be styled in a professional way. Women should wash her hair regularly, blow them dry and then style them. While men should get regular haircuts and keep them clean with the help of hair styling products.

Make up: Women should wear light makeup in a professional way with the use of a subtle and light colored eye shadow and very less amount of shimmer if suits her. To get a polished look, mascara and lip balm should be used.

Jewelry: Wear small earrings and a decent bracelet with a stylish belt .The belt should give emphasis on your waist to give a perfect shape while you are in uniform. In case you want to wear jewelry then you should wear a very simple neck-piece and if the company has a rule not to wear neck-piece then avoid it. Also you need to avoid dangling earrings.

Footwear: Wear the right size of your shoes. Women should wear a pair of heels or business shoes to look decent. Men should wear formal shoes .The color should be black, brown or gray as other colors look unprofessional. Make sure that shoes are polished and clean.

Overcoat: Wear a stylish overcoat that is tailored to your body contours. It will create a different look. Use a small scarf over the uniform to give a new look to the professional uniform.

Now you need to figure out on what suits you the best to look good at work while wearing uniform and get a secure place in your organization.