How to Look Good At a Pool Party

How to Look Good At a Pool PartySummer season is known for sun, surf and pool parties. It’s been any of the party the matter is you have to look great. Looks matter most at the pool parties. Following are the tips for those who want to know how to look good at a pool party.

How to Prepare to Look Hot at a Pool Party


Make some Preparations in Advance

Go for Tan Bronzers-You want to look great in party and nothing can be best than the bikini for the occasion. If you got tan on your skin then will look amazing. So, start using tan outdoors and bronzers. On the same time natural glow should remain there. So, when you go for tan put SPF 25 sunscreen and then go outdoors. Even you can do exercises while tanning.

Do Crunch Regularly– Crunches is helpful to tone your body. Ten crunches in a day are sufficient for you but if you really want to tone down your body then you have to try ten crunches at the gap of 3 hours. Also, remember one thing you should not practice that after eating. Does it only if your body allows it or you can handle it?

Make Your Skin Problem Free– You want to look gorgeous and attractive at the party and for that your skin should be problem free. To get rid of problem from your skin you have to apply some facial mask and for preparation you need to mash a banana, add some yogurt, honey and avocado (optional) to it. Mix well and apply over your face. Remain there for next 10 minutes and then wash properly. If you are allergic to any of the item then it is suggested that avoid using the same. Even you can try some other things to get glow over your skin as you can exfoliate with cinnamon and sugar every night before going to bed as it would help to invigorate your skin, avoid the skin cells and give way to proper circulation of blood.

Develop Healthy Eating Habits-Eating good food not only helps to make your body healthy but is good for the skin health too. You should eat a diet which includes vegetables and fruits in good amount. Increase the amount of drinking water. It helps to flush out the bad toxins from body and make the skin problem free. So, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. If doing crunches is not possible for you then you can start doing dancing and cardio workouts.

Preparations for the Party day

Get your nails and dress done- The beauty of your hands depends over the style of our nails. So, make that done properly. You can either go for salon for perfection on your work but if you have lack of time or money then do that at your home. Start with manicure. For that take some warm water and add some cleaning agent to it. Soak your hands to the water for 10 minutes. Then apply a pack of sandalwood, turmeric and milk to it. Wash and apply moisturizer to it. Then you can apply a nail paint matched with your bathing suit. If you have an artistic nature then also can try nailing art. Now, there is no need to ask how to look good at a pool party as you will look fabulous.