How to Lighten Lips Naturally

How to Lighten Lips NaturallyThe lips are an important feature of our body. It adds to one’s beauty but in case your lips have got a dark tint due to the natural color of your lips or because of smoking or drinking then you can follow some basic tips that will help on how to lighten your lips naturally. By using these tips you would be able to use any lip color on it and show the true color of your lips. You can restore the shines and beauty of lips by some natural ways without spending lots of money on harmful chemicals and expensive course of treatments.

How to lighten dark lips to make them rosy and pink naturally

• Take equal parts of lemon juice and honey. Mix them in a bowl. Now rub the mixture into your lips. Keep this mixture on your lips for at least ten minutes and then rinse it off. Keep on repeating this thrice in a week to lighten the shade of lips.

• Mortal, pestle and coriander leaves are very effective cure for dark lips. Just extract the juice from the leaves of all three. You can do this by grinding them and then extracting the juice. Now rub this juice onto all over your lips and after keeping it for ten minutes rinse with fresh water. Repeating this procedure every alternate day will give you relief from dark lips.

• In case you are aware of the fact that the lips have become dark due to the use of cigarette and caffeine then you should start taking milk and quit smoking. Milk will heal the darkness of the lips by time.

• Almond has got very good medicinal properties and when you will rub your lips with almond oil thrice in a day then the darkness of lips will fade away. Finely grounded almonds serves as an organic exfoliating ingredient in facial skin scrubs and the gentle abrasive action of the almonds helps to remove dead skin cells of the lips.

• Use a mild natural exfoliating facial scrub with soft hands and scrub your lips .This process will remove the upper layer of your lips and the lips will become light in shade. This is one of the easiest and effective tips on how to lighten your lips naturally.

Aloe Vera is used for n number of skin care treatments. So use Aloe Vera gel to lighten your lips. Apply the natural aloe Vera gel on your lips once in a week and keep it for twenty minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. This will remove the dark layer of your lips and will give you smooth, soft, pinkish lips.

• Application of an SPF 15 or a lip balm several times in a day will give you lip protection from the ultraviolet sunrays and will also moisturize the skin by reducing the darkness of the lips.

All these tips will help you on how to lighten your lips naturally and will give a rosy color to your lips without hiding the color of your lips with glosses and stains.