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How To Hide Wrinkles With MakeupMake up is one of the best tools to hide wrinkles. When you are able to hide your wrinkles then you can give a youthful appearance inconsiderate to your age.The make up should be used in less quantity only when the age advances. The makeup tips that will help to hide your wrinkles are given here:

Tips on How to Cover Wrinkles with Make Up

Eye makeup: When your eyes are looking attractive then you can easily draw the attention far from the problem areas of your face. In case you have dark circles then put three dots of concealer around the eyes and rub it with your finger tips till it matches with your skin tone.

Use a cream base: Apply a cream base all over your face. The older women should use light shimmering shades and not the dark colors. Apply a coat of the lightest shadow to the area having wrinkles. Wrinkles are mostly between the nose and the corner of the eyes. The application of the eye shadow will help to hide the wrinkles.

Apply mascara: The mascara should be applied on the upper lashes of the eyes. The lower lashes can be defined with the help of a brush but it should not be dark colored  mascara.

Choose foundation color similar to the natural skin color: Apply a very thin layer of foundation by mixing it with a moisturizer .As the age advances, less makeup should be used so do minimum make up on the skin. Do not put a thick layer of make up on the face to hide wrinkles as it will lead to a crease formed due to the presence of wrinkle under the thick layer of makeup. A good moisturizer in the foundation will help to prevent crease.

Use quality cosmetics: The cosmetics must be of good quality and brand as the ingredients like zinc oxide is present only in good quality cosmetic which prevents the skin from ultraviolet light.

Apply eye contour gel: The eye contour gel helps to decrease the visibility of the dark circles. Although the main purpose is to hide the wrinkles but this gel will hide the bags in the surrounding area of the eyes.