How to Get Tangles Out Of Hair

How to Get Tangles Out Of HairSome people cares much about their whole looks including face and hair and keep on combing them time to time so that can remove tangles from that. But even after caring much you can got knots on the hair which should be safely removed. The whole work can be done without giving much damage to the hair and so care is must. If the work is not done with care then will give increasing effect and so in short will put bad effect over the hair health and the damage would be more if the hair are long. Here mentioned are simple techniques which would tell how to get tangles out of hair. So, look at them.

Things required

To start the task, you would require some of the essential tools including wide toothed comb. If the comb is not with you then the fine toothed comb would be great for you because the softer tooth of comb would be polite to hair and keep them smoother as well. Another required thing is silicon based hair smoother along with scissors. Both will smooth the hair and scissors would remove or cut the unnecessary tangles.

Start the Technique

When you are about to start the detangled process of hair. Firstly focus over the hair style and work over the direction the knot has been made. If the tangles are that much hard as they result in pain or exasperation then tends to accumulate at the nape of your neck. If you have made high ponytail or bun then curve down a little and make your hair loosen. Now, your mission is to divide and conquer.

Divide the Locks

After losing your hair, you need to divide your hair in small partitions. Try to make them hair combing which have very less tangles or free from tangles as well. With the help of wide toothed comb, start combing from the bottom of hair. Gently comb the hair towards the end of the strand. If you won’t be able to pass the comb through hair due to tangles then start closer to the end. It is important to do because doing the same would ensure the hair health and save them from wears and tears. 

Move up the Strands

Once you are successful in combing your hair and this task is done without hitting the snags then time is to move a little up and then again follow the whole process of detangling of strands. By this way, slowly and gradually, you can remove extra tangles from a part of hair.

Time to remove knot

You can detangled the whole hair by using the process but when the time to detangled knot then above method won’t work for you in any way. To get rid of that you need to take some drops of Silicon based hair smoother and put that into the knot. In case, you are not available with hair smoother then you can also use mineral oil, olive oil and even make use of jojoba oil as well. Now, put the wide toothed comb in the centre of knot and put drops of oil to the area. Slowly take that to the end and your work is done.

It is how you can be able to know how to get rid of tangles out of hair.