How to Get Sparkling Eyes Naturally

how to get sparkling eyes naturallyYour eyes are what that can enhance your beauty and charm. So, you should keep extra care of them as it is also known as the most beautiful part of the body. Some of the people are blessed with sparkling eyes and that is the best gift of god to them but if you are not one of them then you should read the following mentioned tips which would tell you how to get sparkling eyes naturally.

 Beauty Tips to Get Your Eyes to Sparkle

Go for regular checkups- In case, your eyes look dull then there must be presence of any health issue too. If you have burning eyes then it may be there because of pitta dosha. Tired and dry eyes are result of the presence of vata dosha and if you have seen puffy eyes then it is possible that kapha would be increased. So, to avoid all the conditions and maintain the beauty of eyes you have to go for regular health checkups so that you can even avoid the presence of any of them.

Try some fruits and Dry fruits- Healthy eating is helpful idea for healthy body. So, you are suggested to eat healthy fruits and dry fruits named raisins, almonds, papaya, some of the juicy fruits like oranges, lichi, and grapes etc. these fruits are not only tastes good but also loaded with essential minerals and vitamins for body. Also, it is helpful for eyes’ health. So, you should try to eat at least one of these on daily basis.

Ayurvedic remedy is here– For sharpen your vision you are suggested to try this remedy. For that de-seed a pod of black cardamom. Now, crush the seeds and add a spoon of honey in it. Mix well and chew it thoroughly. It is also known as one of the finest granny’s recipe for sparkling eyes.

Beauty Tip- Take some organic rose water in a bowl and dap the cotton pads in it. Now, place them over the closed eyes for 10 minutes. It will relax your eyes and even remove the tanning from the area. Drinking warm water is not only good for your system but it is perfect for your eyes. You need to drink warm water throughout the day as it would flush out the extra toxins from the body.

Hands Trick- You can get sparkling eyes by using some simple treatments with your hands as you can rub your palms together, you will feel little warmth after some time. Now, place your warm palms over the closed eyes. It should not be hard that it hurt the eyes. So, always try it gentle way. You can do 10-12 repetitions of the same. It is helpful idea to improve vision and make them look sparkling too.

Things to Avoid- You have to maintain a distance from alcohol and caffeine. It is not good for your system and even very bad for the health of eyes. You are not allowed to drink any of them but in case it is required then drink only one serving of the same.