How to get rid of split ends

How To Get Rid Of Split EndsWomen and men both love thick healthy hair. Lustrous rich bouncy hair is something that most of them desire. However, attaining it is not simple. Your hair also needs a lot of care and attention like your other needs. There are different types of hair and we all like to try on different styles. But all this crashes if our hair is diseased. One of the diseases that affect the hair is Trichoptlosis or the more commonly known split ends.

These are often seen in people having brittle dry hair. When the tip of the hair strands loses its protective cuticle layer, split ends occur. Thus, a hair shaft is split in to two or three strands, each about two to three centimeters long. Most of the people think cutting the affected part can ward off the problem. However, when the hair grows, the problem reverts.

How are the split ends caused? Hair dyes and hair chemicals share a great part in damaging the hair and making the hair dry. Jerky combing and combing the wet hair induces damage. Likewise, avoid hair damaging activities like curling iron, blow-drying, perming, usage of hair colors etc over the hair. If you do not have other option rather than blow dry, fix the knob to cool setting and then dry your hair 15 cm away from your hair.

Split ends are also caused if you expose your hair more to the sun or in arid conditions. Wear a wide-brimmed hat when you are out. Regular conditioning also helps. Lack of nourishment is also a major problem in hair splitting. While cutting the split ends twist a small section of your hair toward downside and this allows the split ends to stick out. You can cut the damaged hair and trim it down.

What are the remedies available? Almond oil with one egg yolk applied to the hair prevents hair damage. Moisturizing hair mask of avocado applied to damp hair prevents split ends. Shampoo your hair after workout because prolonged sweat deposit on your scalp and hair can induce dryness and thereby damage. Apply conditioner to your hair, which contains serum, or apply normal warm coconut oil, which can maintain the moisture in the hair. Protect your hair from water containing chlorine wearing a shower cap by as they induce the dryness. Try working out your hair and retain the glossy chic look.