How to Get Rid Of Pimples from Your Face

Get Rid Of Acne MarksYou may have noticed a small bump on your face which later grows bigger and makes your whole face look ugly. When it occurs in the face you might feel avoiding public occasion or getting out of your home, because it feels to embarrassing when acne arises in the face.

These bumps occur due to the blockage of pores on the skin and the reason behind the blockage of pores is due to oily skin of your face. In many cases, these bumps lives the scars behind and can be mentally and physical damaging. But you won’t leave with these scars forever if you know the treatment of getting rid of it. Once these bumps and its scars are removed you’ll automatically gain confidence of facing people.

There are different types of treatment for different scars. You may even have dark scars on your face which is due to the pimple, but these marks cannot be considered as the scars. One of the treatments which you can consider is the dermabrasion. This treatment includes mechanical method which removes pimple and scars. In this treatment, patient’s skin is being numbed, and then a rotating disk is used for the face. This also can be used for removing the top layer of scar.

If you visit dermatologist, they may suggest you to use the laser method to remove the pimple scars from the face. In laser method, the laser beams enter into the face skin and removes the top layer of the skin. But using this will not guarantee that scars will leave permanently from your face.  And also the regular use of laser beam can affect your skin and can cause cancer. So think twice before for this method.

The best method and the natural way to avoid pimple from your face is by drinking lot of water in a day at least ninety ounces a day. Keep steaming your face to open up the pores and cleanse them. Later rinse them with cold water so that the pores are closed again and all the bacteria get washed away.

Eat more and more fruits and vegetables including honey which have anti-bacterial properties.  Keep changing your towels and keep pating your skin dry instead of rubbing your skin dry which can irritate your skin more.

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