How To Get Rid Of Large Clogged Pores

How To Get Rid Of Large Clogged Pores You have skin pores and if they are clogged with dirt, oil, dry skin then you have feeling that you can’t look excellent which is very wrong thought as you should do some things to avoid large clogged pores as if you would leave the condition untreated then further this can change into skin issues like blackheads, acne, blemishes and pimples etc. Following mentioned are some easy ways how to get rid of large clogged pores so that you could have healthy problem free skin.

How to Get Rid of Deep Clogged Pores

Steaming to unclog your Pores

Remove your Makeup- To start this method, first you have to wash your face and for the purpose you would require a gentle face wash that will keep the face moisturized. If you have applied any makeup then you should remove the make up using cotton ball and makeup remover. With that remove all the traces of makeup around your cheeks, eyes or any body part where you have used makeup.

Wash it up– Now, you should use lukewarm water to splash your face. Never use extremely hot water as it would harm the skin and also drags the moisture from that and leave it dry and unhealthy. Splashing the face with water 3-4 times helps to remove makeup completely from the face.

Use a cleanser- Now; dry your face by pressing with towel. If you have dry skin then you should use a cleanser to avoid dryness from the area but it should be chemical free.

Make some Preparations-To get steaming you need to make some preparations and for that you have to keep a large pot filled with water over the flame. Cover it with lid and bring it to boil till the steam is coming out from the water. When done remove the pot from flame. Now, shift the water to a wide pot so that you can easily and equally get the steam over your complete face. Add few drops of herbal oil to it like you can use tea tree oil, almond oil, peppermint tea and chamomile tea etc. This will give nourishment to your skin.

It’s Steaming Time- Take a large towel and place that over your head and keep the face over the pot having hot water. Prepare a tent like shape with towel so that you can be able to get the steam directly over the face. Keep in the position for ten minutes. It will open the clogged pores and your skin will soak the steam and the herbal oil added to it too.

Rinse the Face with cool water- When you are done with steaming process then it is time to wash away the particles which are emerged from the pores and that can be done by washing the face with cool water. Also, this would tighten the skin that is loosening after steaming. Then pat dry the face with soft towel. At the end, you need to moisturize the face so that the skin should not get dryness and itching.