How to Get Bigger Lips Naturally Without Makeup

How to Get Bigger Lips Naturally Without MakeupHaving sensuous and fuller lips is perhaps the dream of every woman because they are helpful to increase sensuality. Surgery is not always the last option and the best idea for you as it can invite some of the side effect with them. Some women don’t get satisfactory results by using the same. So, for the ladies want to have bigger lips we will discuss how to get bigger lips naturally without makeup.

How to Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally

Tips for Bigger Lips

Brush and exfoliate Your Lips– All of you definitely brush your teeth daily but I suggest you to brush your lips as well. Surprised! You should lightly brush your lips with a dry toothbrush on a daily basis. It is very helpful for betterment in texture and appearance of lips.  This practice will help to remove dead skin from lips and your lips will appear smoother. Along with that it gives way to proper blood flow to the lips which is necessary to have fuller, soft and sensuous lips. If you would apply any moisturizer or honey to your brush and then massage the lips then it will help to make them smoother and rosier.

Exfoliate them on regular Basis– Better exfoliation is helpful idea to improve the blood circulation. It is quite possible that your lips will swell a bit after that but it is what that will make them look fuller and younger too. You can even prepare a natural scrubber at home by adding some sugar in a smaller amount of water. Mix well to make a thin paste and then add some drops of natural moisturizing oil.  Apply this mixture over lips and then massage in circular motions with light hands. After 10 minutes. Wipe it off and then you can moisturize the same with lip gloss. After scrubbing you may experience some irritation but no worries as it will disappear very soon.

Trust over Natural Remedies- Our nature has wrapped the solutions of all the problems in her lap. So, you have to take advantage from them because they are multiple beneficial. They are cost effective, can find easily and most important thing free from any side effects.

  • Cinnamon essential oil– When you will check any of the ingredients list of any of the lip product you would get this name in the list. This is able to make lips smoother and also gives way to proper blood flow. So that your lips will look rosier and fuller. You can add some drops of oil in your lip balm or gloss and put it over the lips. It will make them look bigger and freshly scented.
  • Peppermint essential Oil– This oil is equally beneficial as the cinnamon oil.  It helps to improve the blood circulation and so flow of blood goes better to the surface of the lips. It provides a slight swelling which will go after some time but along with that it gives cooling effect. You can add some drops of oil to your favorite lip balm and get fuller lips.