How To Get A Temporary Tattoo At Home

How To Get A Temporary Tattoo At HomeHaving a tattoo at your body have now become trend and so why don’t you have your own. Today lots of readymade tattoos available in different beautiful designs but in case you are desired for a special one and blessed with an artistic mind then you can be able to make your own tattoo design. In this article, you will get how to get a temporary tattoo at home.

Choose the Design

First step of tattoo making depends over choice of tattoo design. Rather it is temporary tattoo but it would stay over your body for some days and so the design should be perfect. Choose the designs that you always want to have on your body and it you have no idea then you can search for popular tattoo designs and pick the best one for you.

Draw the Design

Now, the time to show the artistic side of yours. So, you have to take a free flowing gel ink pen. This pen will help you to shift the design from paper to your skin if you have made the perfect design. Start with drawing the design using pencil over the paper and for that you would require any parchment or tracing paper. Fill the colors in the tattoo using gel pen. Try to use much ink on one line but it should be that much that it comes out like flowing.

Where you want to have Tattoo

You can make tattoo at any of the body part but it would become more easy and effective for you if you would try to make it where you can easily apply the tattoo but still you want to have at a place where you can’t reach easily then no worries as you can take help of any of your friend.

Make Preparations

 Now, your tattoo is ready so you have to prepare the body part too so that you can transfer the tattoo. For the purpose, you have to first wet a piece of cloth in warm water. Place the paper having design on the body part where you want to have that. Now, press the paper using a wet cloth for just 30 seconds.

Peel up the Paper

Now, it is the time to slowly and gently peel of the paper with tattoo but you should be assured that the tattoo have transferred completely over skin. In case, there is something left over the paper then place the paper and keep wet cloth over paper for few more seconds. Now, you should peel that again.

Remove the Rag

Once you are assured that the whole design has transferred to the exact place correctly then you can remove the rag and then peel off the paper well. Now, using a simple hair dryer you have to dry the hair well. Make sure you would not rub that body part as it can damage the tattoo partially or completely.

Now, whole work is done and you are ready to rock with the tattoo.