How to Flat Iron African American Hair

How to Flat Iron African American HairAfrican American hair known for their curls but in case you are fed up with that and don’t want to style them more then you can even makes them straight. You can go to salon for doing the task but doing the same at home would be cost effective along with time saving process for you but the thing required for you is to just follow the correct steps. Having knowledge for same is excellent but if you don’t know then you have to walk on the footsteps of below mentions tips that tell how to flat iron African American hair.

Essential Tips to flat iron your hair

Wash the hair

Using flat iron is good but it would work best when you use that after cleaning your hair with a well- moisture shampoo. After shampoo, you should condition your hair with a natural conditioner. If your hair are damaged very much then using deep conditioner would be great.

Well-conditioned your Hair

When you want to flat iron your hair, you should condition your hair properly. It will provide moisture to hair. Conditioning would tend to your hair first. Apply heat protector to your hair. This is must step as when you apply heat to hair then would damage the health of same.

Use Smoothing Balm

After shampoo and conditioner the next step which came is application of smoothing balm to your hair. When you apply that then this chemical free nature’s based formula is great to provide health benefits. You should always use formula which is humidity resistant because air having moisture makes the hair straightening process a mess. You can use any serums or balms for smoothen the hair.

Heat Protector

When your hair goes dry, then apply heat protector to each and every section of hair before using flat iron. This heat protector should be either of high brands or if you can then use nature’s based heat protector so that it would hold heat to height.

Flat iron your hair

Now, time to press your clean and moisturized hair. Then apply heat to your hair. Remember to apply heat protector over hair. Then you can using flat iron on low heat make your hair straight. Using that from upside down means from near the root area to tips. It is not a process which should be used on daily basis because every time iron can damage hair with heat.

No Oil before ironing

After your ironing process is done; you are suggested to apply oil to hair. Sometimes there is a need of, put some weight afterwards but you should not apply oil to hair before doing the hair straightening process. If oil would not be applied then after results would be awesome, wonderful, bouncy and great look and this is what you want.

Here mentioned are important tips for how to flat iron African American hair. So, you can easily follow them and get a flaunting and great look.