How to Find Out What Clothes Suit You

How to Find Out What Clothes Suit YouThe right type of clothes helps to enhance the shape of the body and the skin tone and will help you to look slimmer and younger. If you have right shape of the body then you can keep different wardrobes for work and leisure according to the latest trends. You should keep on adding different clothes to your wardrobe after you have discovered what color and dresses suits you the most and add to the overall appearance of yours. Check out some of the tips on how to find out what type of clothes suits you the most.

Find Your Body Shape And The Best Clothes To Suit You

Check your overall shape of the body: Look your whole body deeply in front of a full-length mirror and make a trustworthy appraisal of your body shape. If you will find yourself bulky and excess fat on hips then do not wear tight clothes and wear appropriate size clothes only as too loose clothes will make you look fat. You can also read an online body shape guide to get the tips on clothing according to your body shape.

Place yourself in a category: Place your body shape into one category out of different body shapes like Apple, Strawberry, Hourglass, Rectangle and Pear. After making a decision on which category your body shape looks choose the clothing. You can search for each category on clothing section. For e.g. if you think that your body shape comes into the category of Apple then go to the clothing section which will advise you to wear empire waist and wrap dresses and do not  to wear shapeless outfits.

Select your dominant coloring characteristic: The coloring characteristics are of six types: Light, Deep, Muted, Warm, Cool and Clear. If you think that you have dark colored hair and black eye then you will come in the category of Dark and choose clothes that are of lighter shades and avoid bright shades. If you will fall in the category of deep and light then brighter shades clothing will look good on you.

Go for gold and silver test: Gold and silver test will help to check whether warm or cool colors suit your skin undertone. This test will be conducted in front of a mirror without any makeup on your face. Hold a piece of gold and silver jewelry one by one against your face and if the gold gives you a bright complexion then it means that warm color suits you and if silver brightens your face then it shows that cool color suits you more than the warm color.