How to Dye Your Dreadlocks

How to Dye Your DreadlocksDyeing dreadlocks and bleaching is little different situation from making colors to your brush able hair and try some wonderful tricks and tips. You need to try some tricks if you have dreadlocks and plans are to make them dye. Sometimes dyeing can be dangerous for hair health. This text would be helpful to provide you complete guide for how to dye your dreadlocks. Also, if you would take no notice of the differences in application process then no issues as everything would be in same manner.

Common Misconception about Dyeing Dreads

It is not hidden that when hair are in damaged condition then they would dread better and the reason is  bleaching and peroxide based hair dyes opens the hair cuticle’s. A hair strand which doesn’t have shiny and smooth cuticle would rub little more against other strands and goes more knotted. Dreads are made with single hair strands.

Pre Dyeing process

Before dyeing you have to give them a wash and the dreads should be interconnected so that they can bear the process. Start with back combing the locks but if you have some natural dreads then they would be able to color in so much ease. Now, give the dreads a gentle wash. Try to dye just one dread as test because if the health of the same would remain unaffected then you are ready to dye your dreads.

Things Required

You would require unused towel and clothes, a non-metal bowl, bleach with developer, shower cap and a pair of gloves.

Start the Process

Firstly you need to have the box of dye of desired color so that you would be able to color the dreads. People with brown or blonde hair are suggested to use an obnoxiously bright punker color and the best part is it would need pre-bleaching. This would save you much from huge chemical application to your hair. People with medium brown or little darker shade of hair should keep the hair locks blonde or you can also use a bright punker shade. Then bleach your hair first.

How to do bleaching

This is true that bleaching your hair is not great for hair health because of presence of heavy chemicals but the process is little less tricky but required more attention. Try multiple processes at less volume in place of using high volume process. When you want to do hair bleaching then you needed two ingredients bleaching powder along with developer. Before choosing any bleach, read the ingredient list that is it suitable as per your scalp because presence of chemicals in the bleach can result in burning of scalp. Mix both developer and bleach well to get a fine paste. Now, with the help of small brush take an ear test of that before applying to scalp. For that take small patch off bleach after ear if no itching or burning is there then you can freely apply to whole scalp. Leave it there for 15 minutes. Then thoroughly wash the scalp after running water. Then can apply desired color to hair and wash again.

Here are simple and easy to do process that explains how to dye your dreadlocks at home. So, you should not run to parlours to get that.