How To Dress For A Pear Shaped Body

How To Dress For A Pear Shaped BodyThe term pear shaped body is used for people who have a figure like that of a pear. The pear shaped body has hips wider than the rest of the body. The neck is slim and slender with narrow or slipping shoulders. Some of the tips that will help you to wear properly when you have a pear shaped body are discussed below:

Highlight the most appealing and narrow part of your body: Most of the people having pear shaped body have slim waist or the area below the bust line is narrow. So highlight this area by wearing tight fitting clothes from the waist. You can also wear A-line shaped dresses and skirts and by wearing trendy belts at your waist.

This is one of the best and easy ways to hide your wide hips.

Wear Pants: Straight pants are recommended for people having pear shaped body. You should avoid wearing skinny jeans as they reveal the entire shape of the body. In case you want to wear a skinny jeans then wear a top that will hide your hips. By doing so, the thin part of the leg will be exposed only.

Avoid bubble shape dresses: All dresses that are bubble shaped highlights the area surrounding the hips which is a big no for pear shaped body. So wear A-line dresses and skirts.

Choose a lose flowy fabric for form fitting clothes: In case you want to wear form fitting dresses then choose the fabric very carefully as a loose and flowy fabric that maintain its shape is the best fabric for form fitting clothes for pear shaped body.

Get attention to the upper part of the body: For all those who have a pear shaped body are not able to get the best outfit for the body then they should go for taking the attention on the upper part of the body instead of the lower part. You can achieve this goal by wearing colorful floral tops with dark shades bottoms. Accessorize it with a beautiful necklace or earrings to get people’s attention on them and not on your hips.

Wear perfect shoes: You can increase the length of the slim legs by wearing a pair of high heeled shoes or bellies. Ankle strap or T-strap shoes should be avoided as they make your legs look larger.