How To Dress An Hourglass Shape

best dresses for hourglass figureYou are lucky if you have got an hourglass shape figure as this is the ideal shape. One more shape that is recognized as an ideal shape in today’s era is tiny rectangle. Hourglass figures can be of any size but they have a perfect and well defined waistline that is fully balanced from top and bottom. The females who are heavier from the top than the bottom or from the bottom than the top find it difficult to know how to dress in an hourglass shape.So they try to hide their body contours by wearing big and ill-fitting clothes but they should not do this. Instead they should wear anything that enhances your body curves. So here you will find some tips to dress up in style and with confidence.

Show Off Your Waist: Most of the females who have an hourglass body shape have a well defined waist, so they should always wear clothes that draws the attention towards the waist.

Foundation First: The foundation of a female wardrobe is a well fitting bra and if it is not well fitting then your clothes will lose its entire look. A bra should be such that it fits well to show your bust and give a smooth foundation for your dresses.

Tops: The uppers or top you wear should be either a V-neck or a scoop neckline as they help to slim the neck and chest and give a smaller look. The wearing of a boat neck or deep necks will make the bust area look larger. Sleeves can be of any length but if you hold some extra flesh in your upper arms then wearing cap sleeves is a better idea.

Pants:The best pant styles for an hourglass shape can be a flat front trouser, a boot cut jeans or flared pants or jeans. Put the waistband of the pant or jeans at the navel or just below it as it will draw the attention against the fullest part of the hips. All your pants should not be ill-fitting as a good fitting pant enhances your figure.
Skirts: In case you want to wear a skirt then it should be one that highlights the body curves and tramples the legs. Some of the best styles of skirts and other dresses are pencil skirts, A-shape dresses, wrap skirts and dresses. In winters, you can wear belted jackets, cardigan,pullovers and coats.
Hourglass figures help to show off your body curves and hide the imperfections but you need to choose your dress keeping in view the above mentioned tips.

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