How To Do Finger Waves Hairstyles

How To Do Finger Waves HairstylesFinger waves hairstyle is known to be one of the chic, popular as well as flirty hairstyles and the best part is it is easy to do at home. The most exciting thing about the hairstyle is that during thirties it was used by so many ladies on their special occasions. So, if you love to make experiments with your look then you should know how to do finger waves hairstyles which will help you to look simply gorgeous.

How to do finger waves: Step-by-step finger curls

Make Preparations- To get any new look it is must for you to make your hair ready for styling. This preparation starts with washing your hair. You can use a natural shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. Now, make them dry naturally as you are not allowed to use a blow dryer. Start styling with wet hair as they are able to hold the new style.

Apply Gel- Next step after washing is that you need to apply hair gel and it should be applied from top to bottom. You are liberal to use strong hold gel on front of your hair or where you love to have finger waves and rest hair can have a normal amount of gel. Then it is the time to make small partitions of your hair and the work can be done easily with a wide toothed comb. Now, extend that in a way that it reaches to the crown of your head and it should be straight.

Create Waves- Next step is the most important one as where you will get your waves. After combing your hair you have to place your forefinger with a part and press it down so that the hair should keep in the right place. This step is a bit tricky but never leaves the finger from the place and this would provide you forward combed position of your hair. With the help of your comb back comb your hair next to your finger. It would go in the opposite direction of hair which was under the forefinger. With the help of your middle finger you should also hold the hair next to your forefinger in place.

Secure the hair with Metal wavy Clamp– You have hair between your fingers and you have to lift it to get a finger wave. Now, you have to hold that in place using the metal wavy clamps. To create parallel waves you have to clamp in parallel. Now, comb your hair next to clamp forward and again it’s your forefinger. Now, comb the hair in backward position next to your forefinger. Use the middle finger to hold them. You can use metal wavy clamp again and create much waves you want.

Finish the look- You have choice to either do finger wave at the front or other side of hair. Now, you have rest of the hair which needed style and if you are blessed with long hair then you can curl the rest of your hair. If they are medium length then rest hair can also be styled straight. When the style is done use the hairspray which would help to keep the hairstyle at its place.