How To Dye Your Own Hair Like A Professional At Home

There are different types of hair colors and dying products in the market. Whereas they may be manufactured to work the same way, their application procedures could vary. To a newbie in the hair dying scene, starting out is likely to be a challenge. You need to be armed with all the hair coloring and dying tips that give you a perfect result just the way you want. If you are stuck and don’t know what to do, the best alternative is to refrain from trying it.

If you attempt to color your hair using the wrong procedures and tips, you could end up damaging your hair and scalp. Apparently, you might end up picking the wrong color and ending up with a garish look. There is a reason why you need to assess your hair color before you choose a specific hair color. It’s as delicate as choosing the best hair clippers when you want a superb cut.

For the amateur who wants a different shade and ting on their head, consulting a professional hair colorist is the best way forward. You can cut the picture of a celeb you want to imitate. It’s one way of communicating what you need rather than just using words. It’s important that you learn the basic hair dying lingo. You will know whether you and your colorist are in the same page or not. If you are a daring color fanatic, take time and know what it takes to dye your hair perfectly from your bathroom.

Helpful Hair Coloring Hints

Before you start thinking about the end results, you need to focus on preparing your hair to handle the chemicals. You can treat your hair starting with a shampoo and wash to give it the right ph level. Different dyes and hair color products recommend varied methods of application. You need to apply the dye deeply until it looks frothy or creamy. This facilitates the absorption of these chemicals into the strands to give you an even finish. You need to leave the hair to dye within the recommended time. Washing it too fast can lead to half-baked results. Check with the user instructions on the package to be sure.

Create an Organized Look

Before you pick a dye to style your hair in the desired color, take time and assess your style needs. Your complexion and favorite colors should guide you forward. The professional colorist will help you along. It’s important to think about your overall dress style and the statement you want to make. If you are daring in dressing, you can dare with the hair color too. If you are more of a formal person in the corporate world, you need to stick to neutral colors that take after your natural hair color.

Use the Salon

You can dye your hair partly or you can go for an elaborate coloring mission. Whatever you do, it’s wise to let the color specialist handle the legwork for you. It’s never easy to do the all-out dying job from your bathroom and expect 1900 percent success. Your salonist or hair expert at the salon is your friend. The all-out coloring process is somehow complex and requires gifted hands. Your paltry coloring/dying skills are bound to cause some mess. Your professional colorist will have ready remedies if a procedure goes down south.

Buy More

In the process of choosing and procuring your hair color, make sure you have enough. Don’t buy one but two boxes or bottles. You don’t want to suffer the agony of hair dye running out when you are halfway through. If you have huge tufts to dye, you will need more. Don’t worry about the leftover dye. If carefully preserved, it can be used next time.

Work It Like A Surgeon

The process of coloring your hair needs to be handled with surgical precision. If you are a DIY person, make sure you prepare every tool and products you need. You don’t want to be scuttling around searching for tools or other elements halfway through. The disorganized coloring process will lead to accidents or you might do a shoddy job with a shoddy outcome.

What to Do

After coloring your hair, you need to acknowledge that the results are likely to fade with time. Even though you are observing the right maintenance procedure, your hair will grow and fade. The best remedy is to have your hair retouched. You can schedule such every 5-7 weeks depending on what you want. If you want to avoid frequent touch-ups, go for hair color whose shade is closer to your natural hair shade. You can choose the ombre look meaning you will only have to retouch once to twice annually.

To keep your hair color set and looking sharp, you need to avoid activities such as swimming. The chlorine in the water can mess with the new look. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a swim given that you have the swimming cap and hair mask at your disposal. It’s advisable that you apply the hair mask first and make sure the product is designed to safeguard hair that has undergone a color change.

Anticipate Damage

Hair is bound to get damaged to some extent if you apply color. Common hair dye products for a permanent or semi-permanent look will come with hydrogen peroxide. This chemical will adjust the look of your hair pigment. You need hair renewal, masking and moisturizing products to restore the shine and prevent further breakage.

Whether you choose to color the hair permanently or you want to go for the semi-permanent dying option, you need to know the best products that fit your needs. You can choose to color it yourself, but DIY is better for those with outstanding skills. Don’t go for the color products that your friend is using with great results. Your hair is unique and you need to choose products that complement it while giving you good value for money.

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