How to Attract Men with Your Eyes

How to Attract Men with Your EyesSo you like someone and want to attract him towards you without uttering a single word from your mouth, right! Then nothing can be better weapon than your eyes. Even so many poetic creations have mentioned how beautiful eyes are able to make you mad. So, if you like to know how to attract men with your eyes then you should look at the following mentioned points.


  • Eyes are known as one of the most seductive weapons which show powerful results. Here the principal applies over both the person’s males and females. The thing you have to just look at him with a glazed look in your eyes and your task will be done.
  • It is an old saying that practice makes a man perfect.” And it is even true too. So, before directly going in front of him you have to make small practices in front of your mirror at your home. It would require 10 minutes daily for 3-4 days or till you make that perfectly.
  • You must have intense look in your eyes. So, try thinking him and get lustful thoughts and imagine him in your mind. It will help you to make wild. In simple words, you should be passionate.
  • Then kind of energy will start going through your body and it would create a shine in your eyes and it is what that is require to attract anyone. Remember one thing when your eyes are talking to each other you should maintain silence. Also, your face should appear as deadpan.
  • You can even try doing some visualization techniques too. It is very helpful idea to turn you on. Try to keep fluctuation of emotions in your eyes. The whole thing should be like river is flowing with so many ups and downs. This idea of making your eyes transform will provide you wonderful results.
  • It is ok to maintain silence for smaller period but if the eye contact is going for longer time then you can purposely prosaic talk but maintain that eye contact along with that. It will send him mixture of signals. So, he will be forced to think of you. He will also not get any chance to make a guess what is going on.
  • Your eyes will give him thought of something is cooking there and it is perfect ingredient for complete seduction. It is not that you have to keep the man away from your group. Don’t make him feel like that he is different from others. You can continue going out together with friends as it would give you more chances to play the eye game.
  • You can keep this every time but you don’t like that other people have turn their eyes on both of you. Then you should be attentive when both of you are between the group of other people. Then you can maintain the eye contact for shorter period and complete your talk with him.
  • Be sure you should not have excess eye contact so the person starts running off from you. So, its small crush like eye contact.