How to Approach a Married Woman at Work

How to Approach a Married Woman at Work

Virtually every man start developing a kind of attraction to any girl in the office they work and want to be little more than just a colleague. This is a natural thing. Some men are attracted to girls while some are also attracted to married woman. So don’t worry. In case you get non-threatening approach by the woman in the first few instanced then you can safely move ahead.

How To Pick Up A Married Woman

If any extraordinary married girl at work is not coming out of your mind, then you must be in search of ideas on how to approach a married woman at work. A work mate when attractive takes the attention of anybody but some people affords it while some want to take it further. So check out some simple steps before you approaches her and talks to her.

Try to make eye contact with her as frequently as possible: This is the best way to show your interest towards her by eye contact. You should do this in a subtle manner like by passing her a smile while going through her workstation and catching her attention while you are at some distance from her.

Give her a compliment on her clothing or perfume: In case you meet with her in official meetings then sit next to her and give her a compliment that she is looking pretty in this outfit etc..These are the most subtle ways to express your flirtation. You can also ask her the details on from where she bought this dress or perfume to do more interaction with her.

Give recommendations on your favorite romantic book or movie: This will push her to watch or read the book and movie and while watching the movie or reading the book, she will start imagining you instead of her husband. In this way, you can build a space in her heart.

Approach her with a coffee invitation:Coffee invitation is the perfect way to tell any woman that you like her. If she comes then definitely she is interested in you and it doesn’t matter to her as well that she is married. Fix up the next meeting for lunch after coffee and your intimacy will be increased on its own.