How To Apply Shikakai Powder On Hair

How To Apply Shikakai Powder On HairShikakai is also known as Acacia Concinna scientifically and is excellent food for hair as well. It is wonderful hair cleanser that gives power and strength to the roots of hair and thus you would have better growth of hair and it saves you from hair issues like dandruff, hair graying and hair fall etc. It is helpful to provide you long, beautiful and luxuriant hair overhead. Nourishment provided by shikakai is able to make hair soft and smooth as well. If you are having any kind of infections over the scalp then regular usage of the same can helps you to combat that. After shampoo there is a need of using conditioner to save hair from going tangled but this Low pH natural detangle saves you from that. To get all the above mentioned benefits it is must for you to know how to apply shikakai powder on hair and that are given below:

Apply Shikakai Powder on hair

It is true that no two people have exactly same kind of hair as it varies according the type, texture, color, thickness and length of hair. You have variety of ways so use the shikakai powder on hair. For the purpose it is must for you to add some beneficial ingredients in your shikakai powder which would prove great hair mask for you.

Prepare Shikakai Tea

Wash your hair well. Now, mix some of the shikakai powder to the water and prepare a muddy tea and apply that over wet hair. To make the tea you would require 2 spoons of powder and put that in bowl. Now, mix using warm water. You can store that in a bottle.

Apply Shikakai Tea

Started with rinsing your hair using clean water. Shake the bottle having shikakai tea to create foam. Wear gloves in your hands and apply that over your hair. Make smalls sections of your hair. First apply the shikakai tea at the back of your head and then after completing every section you have to reach to the front as well. This would be over your scalp for at least an hour and then you would get nutrition to hair. Remember to wear shower cap as the stains of shikakai is not that easy to get rid of. Then after an hour you can wash the hair well with warm water. When the shikakai completely remove from hair then you can wash the hair using cool water. Then you can apply some of the hair oil because it would give moisture to the scalp.

Shikakai Gel

For preparing the shikakai gel first you has to make shikakai tea and then add one more spoon of shikakai powder to that. Now, mix it well using some warm water. Mix it well until it becomes lump free. Give oil massage to hair and then dip a towel in warm water and put that over scalp it helps to open the head pores and nourishment would go in the scalp. Now, you can apply the shikakai gel. Stay it at its place for 30 minutes and wash with warm water.