How To Apply Powder Foundation On Dry Skin

How To Apply Powder Foundation On Dry SkinTo hide skin discolorations often the makeup type that is used is foundation. This is what which is able to hide blemishes, imperfections of skin, lessens the pores appearance, make the skin texture smooth and also a perfect base to start makeup. You even have available different types of foundations as some of them work as acne fighter, a perfection sun sheet or a wonder treatment for wrinkles. Foundation is helpful to match the skin color and it is so perfect that it goes blend with your skin texture. That is the reason foundation has come in different shades of skin color so that you can pick the one which will compliment your whole looks. For the purpose it is necessary for you to know how to apply power foundation on dry skin. Here are the important steps for you.

Steps to apply Powder Foundation On Dry Skin

Find the Best Suitable Foundation- First and the main task for you is to choose the best matched foundation that would gel with your skin tone. You should pick that one which you have already used so that here found be no chance of any harm for you. In case you haven’t used any foundation earlier then it would be great idea to pick any herbal foundation so that your skin would not get any harm. Now, you should start applying the foundation and start near your jawline and blend it well with your skin. Apply the even layer of the same so that you would get clear looks.

For the Skin Texture Pick the right Formula- If you have dry or combination skin then you have to use the liquid foundation because it can evenly applied over your skin. Also, the creamy texture of the liquid foundation helps to provide moisture to your skin. Also, it doesn’t have any kind of powder pigments which can result in dryness of skin. They works like hydrators and are known as best and perfect choice for your skin.

Powder Foundation on Dry Skin- When you want to apply powder foundation on dry skin then it is suggestion for you to pick the mineral powder foundation because it would prove great for your skin. Natural minerals provide nourishment to the dull and dry skin. Also, it proves very soothing and so you can manage to look fresh and glossy as well.

Here’s the formula- It is great idea for you to prepare your skin before applying the powder foundation and so you should exfoliate the dead skin and it leaves you with smooth and softer skin. Also, it helps the skin to have gel like effects that is most seen when you apply liquid foundations. After exfoliation you have to smooth the face and for that take a good quality gentle moisturizer and apply even layer of that over the whole face. Rub the whole face in circular motion after that. Also, put some drops of moisturizer at the areas having dry skin or cracks. Now, it is time to apply powder foundation and you can use a puff to apply the even layer of that over whole face. After that wipe out the extra foundation using cotton bud and result would be even application of foundation.