How to Apply Liquid Foundation

How to Apply Liquid FoundationFoundation is an excellent part of you makeup routine that protects the skin from harmful impurities while evening the skin tone and hiding the imperfections. It gives the face that perfect, flawless look. The secret of how to apply liquid foundation is in the tools you use. There are three basic ones that will do the trick.

First there is the sponge, and it provides you with a light layer of foundation. It also makes it easier to blend the foundation. The draw-back is that a lot of the foundation gets absorbed into the sponge and goes to waste. You may choose to use a brush, but it requires practice to get control with a brush. Lastly, you can just use what God has blessed you with, your fingers. Using your fingers allows you to have great control of where and how much you want to apply.

It is recommended that you start with your fingers and put a couple of small dabs on the forehead, one each cheek, one on the nose and a couple on the chin. Next roughly blend so that all of your face is covered. If you feel you don’t have enough you may add more as you go along, but remember to start out will less and then add more if needed. Next, take a wet sponge and squeeze all the water out of it, then fine blend the foundation with downward strokes.

The last step in how to apply liquid foundation is to make sure that you set your foundation. The setting makes the makeup last longer and helps to remove any excess oils that may be released. You can choose from loose powder, pressed powder or blot. Each comes with it own set of pros and cons. The loose powder does not set into the fine lies but does not give the heavy look of a pressed powder. The pressed powder is great for touch ups, gives more coverage but gives a heavy look. Blot is good if you live in an area where there is no humidity, and your skin is not oily.