How To Apply Cat Eye Makeup

How to Apply Cat Eye MakeupThe misty cat-eyed look is one of the most sought after looks in fashion magazines and on the red carpet these days. It is the ideal look to wear to formal parties and is typically called the cat-eye. Fortunately, given the right gear, you can achieve this look popularized by the fashion forward starlets at home, by following these few easy instructions.

To begin with you have to choose from two main product options; the liquid liner or pot liner with a brush that is very thin and angled. Obviously to decide which suits you best will require some trial and error.

Step 1

Since the smoky eye look is dependent on flawless skin, you want start by applying under-eye concealer and foundation. This will eliminate any blemishes of uneven skin color.

Step 2

Let’s assume you have decided to go with the liquid liner, make sure you get one with the shortest tip possible as this gives you more control. With a great deal of care start with the inner corner of your eye, and barely touch the pen to your lash-line while carefully applying the liner on your eyelids and drawing a fine line to the end of your lash line. The key here is to make the line as close to the lash line as possible, you can always flatten it later if you desire.

Step 3

As you approach the end of your lash line, flick your wrist with confidence upwards, towards your temple. At this point do not worry about the length of the wing, as you can always clean it off, the main focus here is the placement of the wing.

Step 4

Now apply a dark eye shadow above the eyeliner using a shadow brush and blend the eye shadow with the eyeliner.

Step 5

Once again apply the black liquid liner on the upper eyelid, making sure that the line starts thin but gets thicker by the time you reach the end of the lash. Give another coat of eye shadow.

Finally apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes, and you are ready to step out!