How to Act On a First Date with a Man

How to Act On a First Date with a ManSo, you have found your love of life and are planning to meet him. Then thousands of ideas will float in your mind. What to wear, how to react, to walk and speak. No worries as here in this article we will discuss how to act on a first date with a man.

First Date Tips – How To Act on a First Date

Wear Dress to Impress– You must have heard that first impression is the last impression and dress plays vital role in doing that. Guys say that they like to see girls in shorts but it doesn’t mean you have to wear a micro mini on your first date. Also, avoid wearing low cut V neck as it would create a bad impression over him. Wear a dress which will show a bit. If you are bulky then should wear a nice blouse. Wear anything which will make you feel comfortable.

Makeup should be Light- You should not wear tons of makeup and keep it light by wearing some lip gloss or lipstick which would match with your dress. Choose the light brown, red or pink color for you as it goes well any of the dresses. For eyes wear liner and light mascara and it should be waterproof particularly in summer and in monsoon.

Be Polite- After looks which things that matters a lot is you’re talking way. Be polite and try not to say any rude or harsh and mean things. Don’t criticize him or try to prove him low. It doesn’t mean you should agree with him even in wrong things but the thing is that you should keep your point in a logical manner. Use typical advice.

Show Your Table Manners- It is possible that you would have something in the restaurant and it is time to show your table manners. Chew your food like a secret. Eat slowly and after chewing clean your mouth. Never talk when your mouth is full of food.

Don’t Make Long Conversations- It is necessary that you would talk to him otherwise your date will become boring and dull but don’t talk too much. Also, never start telling him your whole life story or any of the private information.

Make a Two sided Conversation- You have to talk to him that doesn’t mean you will ask stupid questions from him. Keep the conversation live between you and him. You can ask some important questions the part of your conversations like what are your likes? What is your passion in life?

Maintain Humor Portion– Humor is a good option for you and you should use that in your conversation. You can crack some light jokes between your talks. You can also tell him some funny things and talk about your school, job and life experiences with him but never make that too much that you seems joker to him.

Additional Tips- Never forget one thing that you have to maintain hygiene like brush your hair, apply deodorant and your breath when going to meet anyone. Never make him feel that you are going bored with his talk so, try to give smile to him to show you are interested in what he is saying.