How Can I Dress To Look Slimmer

The obese females are always worried about their dress. Different types of question like what to wear to look thin, how to hide the extra flab on the stomach and what color and design should be of clothes that will draw the attention of the guests always occupied their mind. If you are one of those people then I will help you by giving you a suggestion of what to wear and how to dress to look slimmer. Here are some ideas of dresses:

How to Dress to Make Yourself Look Slimmer

dresses to look slimmerPrinted Tunic or poncho: The dresses like tunic or poncho helps to hide the extra flab on the stomach. These dresses are designed to wear untucked and give the illusion of a slim body.

Accessorize yourself with big handbag: A big handbag make you look smaller. It will also help to hide your problem areas. Some other accessories like belt, scarfs etc. can also be used to draw the attention towards them and you are saved from the fear of getting complements on your big size.

Wear different upper and bottom: Avoid wearing gowns and go for separate upper and bottom as it shows a better proportion of the body’s contour. The upper should be of the right size and not too tight or too loose and the lawyer should be a dark color with boot cut or harrom pants.

Go for flared pants: The skinny and tight fitted jeans or pants are not advised for obese people. Instead you should go for flared pants, straight leg or boot cut pants as they will pull the eyes down and make you loom slimmer.

Wear any dress with vertical lines: The vertical lines like pinstripes, pleats and vertical zippers on any dress will make the eye movement up and down and not side to side and it will help you to look slim. Try to avoid horizontal stripes or rows of embellishments as it will make you look bigger in size.

Wear A-shape skirts: The A-line skirts of a structured fabric will help you to hide the extra flab of the thigh area and help to show off your shapely calves. In this way you can use your assets to look slimmer and can hide the problem areas.

Formal ‘V’ neck shirts: Try to wear formal ‘V’ neckline shirts as it helps to draw the attention away from the hips and stomach area.