Homemade Chocolate Face Pack

homemade chocolate face pack Liquid chocolates are mouth watering food items and everyone loves to eat them. It is sufficient to satisfy your sweet tooth but you will surprise to know that it is equally effective to satisfy your beauty needs too. The lip smacking chocolates can prove wonderful for your skin too. Here mentioned are some of the easy recipes of homemade chocolate face pack which would help you by nourishing your skin.

Chocolate Face Masks Recipes

 Facemask 1– To prepare a wonderful face mask you would require some of the ingredients like honey, butter, sugar and last but not least chocolate spread.

Method– Take a medium sized bowl and mix all the ingredients in it till it changes to a smooth paste. Now using a soft brush or with your fingertips spread it all over your face evenly. Leave as it is for next 20 minutes. Then wash off with warm water and then after with rinse with cool one. To get the maximum benefits you are suggested to use the pack two times a month.

Facemask 2-You will require a cup of milk, dark chocolate bars, a spoon salt, bowl and saucepan to prepare the mask.

Method– Dissolve the salt in the milk and now add the same to the liquid chocolate. Mix well all ingredients to get a smooth paste. Now, leave it some time for make it cold. Now, apply it all over your face and neck areas. Leave it as it is for next 20 minutes. Now, wash the face with a mild cleanser. Then after rinse thoroughly it will help you to get rid of chocolaty smell too.

To prepare liquid chocolate you need to place a saucepan over the medium heat and a glass bowl over it. Put some of the chocolate pieces in it. It would take some time to melt chocolates. Keep stirring to avoid burnt chocolate.

Facemask 3- Chocolate facemask is wonderful moisturizer for dry skin. To prepare you would need honey, cocoa powder, oatmeal and cream.

Method- Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix it well until the batter becomes brown and thick. Now, you can apply the same over your face. Leave for next 20 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water. With the regular usage of the mask you would experience a nourished, moisturized, firm smooth skin.

Facemask 4- If you have oily skin then you would need 1/3 cups of cocoa powder, 4 spoons honey, 3 spoons curd, and 2 spoons of gram flour.

Method- Mix all the ingredients well till it changes to a thick brown paste. Now, apply the mask over your facial and neck area evenly. Leave for next 20 minutes. Now, you can wash it off using lukewarm water and see the positive difference in your skin. Gram flour which is also known as besan is actually chickpeas powder and it has cleansing agent which is wonderful for skin health. It helps to drag excess oil from skin and curd is also helpful in aiding secretion.