Home Remedy For Pigmentation

Home Remedy For PigmentationSkin pigmentation is a condition of the skin that leads to the appearance of dark and discolored patches on the skin. This is not a serious problem but sometimes it leads to self consciousnesses.

The over production of melanin in the body is the main cause of pigmentation. Other possible causes include sun exposure, hormonal imbalances and certain body disorders. Pigmentation can occur on any part of the body but mostly it occurs on the face as face gets maximum exposure to outside factors. You can take help from dermatologist to get rid of this problem but in case the problem is mild then you can use home remedies that will give you relief from pigmentation problems. Some of the best recommended home remedies are discussed here:

Natural Vinegar:

Natural vinegar is one of the most effective solutions for pigmentation. The whitening and brightening properties of vinegar will make your skin bright and fades all discolored patches on skin. You can apply natural vinegar topically by mixing equal parts of vinegar with water to the affected area of the skin.


Green papayas should be used for the treatment of pigmented skin. Papayas have an active ingredient known as pa pain which has exfoliating properties and it removes all dead skin cells from the skin. It also has anti-oxidant properties as well so it helps to oxidate the pigments on the skin.


Parsley is easily available in our kitchens. To use it, chop some fresh leaves of parsley in boiling water and strain it after half an hour and apply the strained mixture to the skin to cure skin pigmentation.

Holy Basil:

The leaves of holy basil are very much beneficial for the cure of so many ailments. Now to get rid of skin pigmentation with holy basil, you have to grind the leaves of basil with lemon juice and it has to be applied on the skin to cure pigmentation problems.

Milk with Honey:

The application of milk with honey is considered as the safest option .Milk contains lactic acid which peels off the dead and old skin when applied regularly to the pigmented area.Alternatively, you can use curd for the application to your face and other parts of the skin.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is one of the skin vitamins that is essential for the flawless skin. The application of Vitamin E capsules on the discolored skin patches regularly at night will solve all pigmentation issues.Regular massage with vitamin E oil and taking Vitamin E supplements will also give better results.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is an excellent home remedy for pigmentation as it is anti-inflammatory in nature. Massage your face daily with olive oil and take steam after its application as it will remove all dead skin and other impurities from your face and reduce pigmentation slowly.

These home remedies will give your good results but while using them make sure that you apply a SPF 30 or 40 sunscreen lotions before going out as sun damages the benefits of all these home remedies. Follow a healthy diet plan with less oil and spices to prevent further worsening of skin pigmentation.