Home Remedies for Unwanted Chin Hair

Home Remedies for Unwanted Chin HairFacial hair may appear on the chin, lips, between the eyebrows and in some cases even in the ears. Unwanted chin hair is a common problem for women. This is because of the presence of the male hormone testosterone which is present in almost all women This problem increases with age and it puts a person in an embarrassing situation. You can get rid of facial hairs by various ways like by a professional who will use some chemicals that may be harmful. So it is better to go for home remedies. Check out the best home remedies for chin hair removal:

Home Remedies for Removing Unwanted Facial Hair

Use Tweezers: Tweez out the stray hair by using an angled tip of a pair of tweezers at the base of the hair. Grasp them firmly and by pulling them with a single swift tug, you can get rid of them. Before using them to wash your face with hot water to open the pores and make hair removal easy.

Use Facial Depilatory Cream: Depilatory creams help to melt unwanted hair on the skin in minutes. But before using them, you should do a patch test on a small area of your skin and wait for 24 hours to check any adverse reaction. This cream is easily available in all pharmacies.

Use Sugaring homemade Wax: Add one cup of sugar with 1/4th cup of honey and lemon juice to it. Mix them well with tongue depressors to make wax. Now apply this wax on the chin and pull it with a wax strip to get rid of chin hair.

Lemon Juice and Honey: The mixture of honey and lemon juice helps to remove unwanted chin hair. All you need to do is to mix ten ml of lemon juice with 4 times of honey and mix it well. Now using a cotton swab, rub this mixture in the direction of hair growth and after 15 minutes wash your face with water. Repeating this procedure twice in a week will give you a clear chin.

Shaving: Shaving chin hair every two weeks will remove unwanted hair growth on the chin. Wet the area having hair with warm water so open the pores and apply a small amount of gel on it. Holding the razor at a 90 degree angle, you can get rid of hair growth on the chin. Avoid pressing too hard on the skin .This home remedy  is recommended for severe hair growth only.

Spearmint Tea: As the growth of facial hair is due to the presence of testosterone hormone and spearmint tea will help to lower the testosterone levels. Now to make this tea, steep one heaped spoon of dried spearmint in one cup of boiling water. Strain it and drink one or two cups regularly. This will bring down the testosterone level and reduce chin hair and its further growth.

In case of excessive growth of hair on chin then you can also consult dermatologist for laser hair removal. There is no end to home remedies for unwanted chin hair but you should choose one that suits your skin and easy to do.