Home Remedies For Reducing Tummy

Reduce Tummy RemediesIf you are seriously interested losing some fat then there are some home remedies for reducing tummy but it involves a two step approach. Losing fat is more about being sensible than killing yourself doing exercises. The steps are first control your intake of food and second do some form of exercise four to five times a week.

Now controlling you diet does not mean not eating. On the contrary it is recommended that you eat five or six small meals a day instead the 3 main ones. But the catch is that you make them small in quantity and consume foods that are low in calories. For example, for your first meal of the day instead of fried egg with bread and a glass of juice try a bowl of whole wheat cereal with low fat milk. Then at around ten in the morning try a piece of fruit or a couple of ounces of nuts instead of chips or doughnuts. For lunch have a nice salad. In the late afternoon have some low fat cheese and finally the last meal of the day should be some broiled fish or chicken. With so many meals, there will be no need for snacks. The general idea is that you burn the calories you consume so that no extra fat is stored.

The exercise part of the plan can start with a twenty minute brisk walk and then you can finish up with some of these exercises. Lie flat on your stomach, then slowly lift your legs and head at the same time while keeping your arms by your side. Hold as long as you can and repeat. Cycling is one of the best exercises for the tummy. Lie flat on your back; lift your legs ad start cycling. You can start with five minutes and slowly increase the duration to ten minutes. Mix the exercises so your body does not get used to them. You can even include the basic crunches to your routine. Once the body gets used to exercises then you don’t lose as much fat