Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Hair Growth Natural RemediesThe speed of human hair growth is roughly from twelve to fifteen centimeters a year, but there a lot of factors that have an effect on this growth. For example the kind of diet you eat, stress levels in your daily life and the kinds of genes you have inherit. There are other things also that you can practice as a matter of routine to help you hair grow longer. It is a good idea to detangle your hair with your fingers frequently during the day and when you do brush try not to be too vigorous.

Comb your hair before you get in the shower and avoid brushing while it is wet. Wet hair is easy to break, so try waiting until it is at least 50% dry. You should get your hair trimmed once every six weeks or so, as this eliminates any split ends that may develop and give the hair an unhealthy look.

All time tested home remedies for hair growth involve massaging the scalp with oils; this is because the start of all beautiful hair is a healthy well nourished scalp. Besides nourishment, the action of massaging improves circulation and speeds up the growth of hair.

Here is one good tip for you to follow when treating your hairMix olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil in equal amounts and warm the mixture, then use it to massage the scalp, best results will be achieved if your wrap your head in a towel and leave the oil to be absorbed overnight. This overnight treatment allows more oils to be absorbed into the scalp, and then you can just wash with your regular shampoo and warm water. Never use hot water to wash your hair as this damages the strands and makes the hair weaker.

Finally here are a couple of treatments that have been passed down through the ages; first is that you grind four or five birth control pills and add them to your normal shampoo. This mixture will make your hair grow faster and healthier. Second remedy is that you extract the juice of an onion and add it to your shampoo. Allow the mixture to stand for fifteen days and then use the shampoo regularly. This will add shine to your and make it grow faster.