Home Remedies For Earache

Home Remedies For EaracheEarache is an ailment most commonly found in children than in adults. An earache is often found following bad cold, sore throat, or after we blow our nose. The reason behind this is that the fluids build up in the Eustachian tubes. These fluids start pressurizing the eardrum at the back of the eardrum and that causes the pain. When the pain is unbearable, consult a doctor who might prescribe you antibiotics to cease the pain. Here we will discuss few methods, which you can do at home to reduce the earache.

Use a hairdryer and tune into warm mode. Never put it to hot mode as this may cause you burns. Face is made of soft skin and so you have to be careful not to apply overheat on it. Allow the warm air to blow in to your ear. Keep the dryer a little distance away from your ear and also, take to the notice that the warm air shouldn’t be blown more than 3 to 5 minutes. This melts the clog in the eardrum and lowers the pain. Next home remedy is to use the garlic extract inside the ear.

The garlic has antibacterial and antibiotic properties that reduces the infection in the ear and ebbs the pain. Olive oil warmed and cooled to room temperature can also act as an antidote to earaches. Taking steam water bath also melts the earwax reducing the clogs in the ear passage and thus reducing the pain. Chewing gum or chewing bits of food and swallowing allows opening of Eustachian tube passage and allows for drainage.

Warm onion juice also reduces the earache. Leaves of castor plant immersed in warm sesame oil when dabbed around the ear also ease the earache. Put few drops of hydrogen peroxide in to the aching ear. This reduces the earache considerably if it is due to the infection caused by earwax clogs. If it isn’t due to infection, it still works effective although bit late.

Other few things you should keep in mind are do not expose your ears to cold winds. When on a flight, put a chewing gum in your mouth to avoid the ear blockage. Keep children’s ears clean, as they are easily prone to ear infection. Earaches due to common cold can be treated if getting medication for the flu. Never put any sharp objects in to your ears and finally see to it that during earaches, minimize your exposure to sound pollution.