Health Benefits of Drinking Amla Juice

Benefits of Amla JuiceAmla is known to be the greatest anti-oxidant to the any person. It is called as Gooseberry in western world. Its tree can largely found in tropical region and grows in warm climate. This tree is richest in terms of natural resource of vitamin C. Amla contains five rasa out of sixand they are, Sheet  Very (cold potency), Guru (heavy), ruksh(dry), Sheet which helps in making for pitta disorders.

Amla juice helps in greater value in Ayurvedic form to gain good health. Amala juice is widely used to cure disease cause for pitta disorder because it contains sheet virya potency. There are many ayurvedic medicinal products like chwanprash, triphala contains substance of Amla. Amla juice is largely used in India as well as Middle East.

Amla juice are bitter in taste but are really good for health and controls the imbalance that is caused by wind, bile and phlegm and also helps in controlling digestive system. It helps in strengthening cardiac muscles, mental facilities, improves eyesight’s and imparts natural glow and luster to body and hair.

Amla juice helps in improving the eyesight. Washing the eyes with Amla water can make your eyes look fresh. If you’re feeling any burning sensation in your eyes then you can apply pulp of Amla on your hair.

Amla juice can help in killing worms in your body. In your body you’ll find many worms which can create problem or disease and weaken your health. Taking 20gm of Amla juice daily can help in killing worms from your body.

Amla juice can also be beneficial for those people who are suffering from diabetic. So drinking Amla juice along with honey checks can be good enough to keep your diabetes in control.

Amla juice can be useful for curing chronic piles.  Taking fresh Amla juice with ½ teaspoon ghee 1 tsp honey and 100gm of milk after lunch will help to cure piles problem.

Sometimes your body may feel some weakness in heart and mind.  This can be due to some tension in mind and sometimes you may feel tired. So at this time Amla juice can be better to drink to release your tension. You can even massage your scalp with Amla oil before going to bed.

Amla juice is the best medicine to purify your blood and make your body feel healthier and disease free.