Health Benefits of Amla, The Indian Gooseberry

Health Benefits of AmlaAmla

Amla is a powerful natural medicinal gift by God to protect health and correct our health. It provides the extra nutrition and medicinal values required for healthy functioning and proper growth of mind and body. Amla contains highest amount of natural Vitamin C having high anti aging and oxidative powers. It also provides nectars, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous etc, Fiber, Vitamin-C, Tannins and phyllembin, linolic acid useful for our health. Important health benefits of amla are:


Amla is a complete health tonic for diabetes patients as it helps in controlling blood sugar levels, protects and stimulates beta cells of pancreas, enhances insulin sensitivity in tissues and clears the weakness or ill effects of diabetes from body to rejuvenate overall health.

Heart and Cholesterol

Amla helps in lowering cholesterol levels, prevents arterial clot formation (atherosclerosis), blood pressure fluctuations and enhancing cardiac health naturally.

Liver Disorders

Amla detoxifies liver and stimulates liver for better functioning. It helps in protecting liver form hepatitis, jaundice, side effects of excessive alcohol intake and other complications.


Amla tones if complete digestive system by regularizing and correcting each and every digestive organ right from mouth to anus. It helps in clearing hyperacidity, gas, cramps, indigestion, constipation and piles.

Fat and Obesity

Amla is a natural biological slimmer acting by burning fat, clearing micro-channels and detoxifying body. It is a natural solution for obesity management and prevention.

Libido Enhancer

Amla is rich in anti oxidants and nutrients which help in boosting the stamina and rejuvenating health by clearing oxidative stress and weakness naturally. Its regular use helps in enhancing fertility, semen and reproductive power in both sexes.


Amla helps in inducing programmed cell death (apoptosis) of osteoclast cells which are very helpful in preventing the bone and joint damage. Moreover it has anti-inflammatory and detox properties which make it a perfect choice for arthritis, joint stiffness and osteoporosis.

Brain Tonic

Amla also helps in nor-epinephrin production which is a mood booster and helpful in depression problem. It is very good for memory and concentration problem.

Anti-Aging and Immune-Enhancer

Amla is rich in natural vitamin C, tannins like Emblicanin-A, Emblicanin-B, punigluconin, Pedunculagin, minerals, vitamins, fibres and nectars which make it a perfect antioxidant to clear age related changes and revive youthfulness. It revives the natural immunity and power to fight against illness.

Female Problems and Cosmetic Benefits

Amla helps in strengthening reproductive system, has anti microbial action and thus helps in leucorrhea and menstrual cycle problems. Amla is a good blood purifier, detox and gives abundant nutrition to maintain healthy skin and hairs.