Hairstyles That Women Can Choose Even When Over 40 And 50

Women Over 50 Short HairstylesThere is some unwritten law in the Western societies that once a lady turns 40 she should not wear long hairstyles. It is believed that long hair on mature ladies, namely 40 and above, makes the face look long, sort of like a horse. It gives the feeling of the hair dragging the features downward, as if gravity wasn’t enough!One has only to look at actresses like Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman to prove that long tresses can be worn at any age.

The rule really should be what suits you! If you are a working woman, then a polished, sophisticated look might be better for you. If you travel a lot, or are on the run then you need something that needs very little care. If deciding to color, just keep in mind that it is both costly and time-consuming.

Two styles that are really in for the mature ladies, and can be worn any length desired, are the Dimensional Shag and the Versatile Cut. The Dimensional Shag is a less defined cut, so you get the option of wearing it in different ways. If your hair is longer, then you can wear fringy bangs and sides. Using a hair dryer, the bangs can be coaxed underneath and the ends can be fluffed outward.

With shorter hair, similar look is achievable, and to add more zip you can add streaks of color at the top or bottom, or just around the face. Gels or mousses can be used to achieve a softer look while harder products will give a spikier, edgier look.

The Varsatile cut is really an undercut style which is modified; it is short underneath and longer towards the top. This is good for thick hair as it reduces the extra weight. Once again you can go for the short, medium or long version. It works well by framing and hugging the face, or it can be worn more loose and full thus giving more movement. It too works well with or without bangs. Again gives you the option of creating change with the use of hair products or by adding color.