Hairstyles Recommended for round faces

Beautiful hair is a crowning glory of a pretty woman. So taking care of your hair is necessary to preserve the blessed beauty. However, you should also consider the shape of your face when you style your hair because this influences a lot in your allover appearance. So how do you find what is the shape of your face.

Here we are discussing the hairstyles recommended for round faces. Measure your face from top to bottom and side to side. If your face is oval, the length will be one and half times the width and if you have a round face, the length of the face equals the width. So what are the different hairstyles open for round faces?

Never cut your hair too short for it exposes your full cheeks and your round face. Never do boy-cuts either. You should stay away from curly hairstyles but if you possess one keep it longer. Set the hair so that it remains close to your face. In this way, your face will appear longer. Always opt for hairstyles that give your face a longer look. Layered bangs give the illusion of having a longer face.

Do not opt for straight or heavy bangs. If your hair is healthy and good, you can keep longer hair. Long hair piled up on your head also gives the face a longer look. Long hair cut in layers gives your face a slender appearance. Long curls with dangling ringlets also suit the round face. However, take care that they do not fall near the cheeks or close to your face.

A round faced woman can choose many hairstyles recommended for round faces. However, she needs to select the hairstyles in which she is comfortable and not stick to any rules or guidelines. You can select your hairstyle from the list of your favorite celebrities too. Select the one in which you feel you will be good looking and attractive and take the still to the hair stylist and ask her opinion. Hair stylists also play an important role in making you as well your hair attractive. Making sure that you are confident of adopting a hairstyle is the key factor.

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