Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thin Straight Hair

Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thin Straight HairIt is not hidden fact that when you grow older then you got some changes in your face and hair. Your hair goes gray and most importantly suffers from the thinning of hair. At that time there is a need of change in your style so that it distracts the attention from your face and hair too. The best thing is change in hairstyle. You can also opt for a hairstyle which give you boost in your overall appearance which is known as makeover. Now, you would think that what you can do for radical changes. Here is a need of change in your hairstyle. So, for your convenience following mentioned are some of the hairstyles for women over 50 with thin straight hair.

Hairstyles for Women Over Age 50

Cute and fun style- When you go to your hairstylist he would work over tricks that includes focus on three factors like hair texture, bone structure and preferred levels of maintenance (means how much hours you can spend to style your hairstyle). This hairstyle is able to cover-up all those factors and when it’s done you are perfect on your way to look fab in your 50s. If you don’t mind then chop your hair to medium or short length. Then use a hair curler and round brush to curl them well. Don’t forget to apply gel before using curler as it can damage the health of your hair. End with hair spray to keep that style longer way.

Naturally wavy Short layered hairstyle– It is a hairstyle which works with any of the facial shape and the need is right finishing touch to look more fab. This easy to manage soft and romantic hairstyle will make you look years younger than your actual age. You need to make a style with wave and textures to create simply beautiful style. It is simple but beautiful style and most importantly doesn’t require special care. Take a curling iron and curl the hair little and end it with a style crème. Then let it air dry.

Short layered Pixie hairstyles– This hairstyle is able to create lot of texture and requires no maintenance.  First, shampoo your hair and then towel dry it. Take some amount of wax and apply over layers then it would give definition and movement throughout layers.

Modern lengths and Layers- This is a fun style which incorporates different lengths of layers and so helps you to give extra volume to your thin straight hair. To make this style, wash and dry your hair. When your hair is damp, use a mousse which would give volume to your hair. Use a blow dryer and round brush. In place of using it inwards try rolling those outwards. End the style with a hairspray which will hold hair in place.

Multi tone short Layered hairstyles- It is a hairstyle which is perfect for any of the facial shape. Older age women can also opt that style.  To get that style, you have to volume mousse and heat protecting spray then blow dry your hair with round brush. Roll your brush towards face and pull that to ends. End the style with hair spray.