Hairstyles For Women Over 50 Square Face

Hairstyles For Women Over 50 Square FaceLadies with square face considered lucky. Even some of the most famous faces in the past and today have a strong angular jawline. The best part is this face type people are usually photogenic. Now, the question will arise that what are the best hairstyles for women over 50 square face. You have a kind of shape that you can have any of the hair length and hairstyle but some of the important ones are given below.

Hairstyles for Square Faced Women Over 50

Medium Length Layered Bob– It is a hairstyle with medium length bob hairstyle. In this style, one layer falls over the tops and other right below the shoulders. Most importantly, it is best style for women over 50. The layers are light and are able to frame down your face which makes the hairstyle even more appealing. You can also opt for long bangs which are even parted and swept off to one side and your square face will look stunning. Also, the style goes great with naturally gray hair or even dyed hair. It will give volume to hair because it is a most common hair problem during old age.

Short Pixie- Square face has a plus point that it has natural dominant and strong angles and it makes look hairstyle even more beautiful. If you would have choose this particular style then it would drag the attention over the top of your head and you can show your square face features. If you would add highlights to this hairstyle then make the 50 year lady younger than her age. Thin hair due to aging can also be avoided if you will use mousse and gel with this style.

Long Layers- If you have long properly maintained hair then you have to choose this style and it will make you look gorgeous. To get maximum benefits from this haircut, prepare layers that cut throughout. The face framing layers having angles makes hair look appealing. Having long layers which would come below shoulder length are helpful to distract your attention from facial features due to aging, wrinkles and dropping jawline.

Wispy Bangs- You can update your short, medium or long hairstyle with addition of some bangs. Square face has angular appearance and so there is no requirement of bangs that are blunt. If you have longer length bangs then it can be side swept or even pinned up to the top of the head and even you can pulled behind the ears which would look great for women over 50. These are the styling options from which you can choose. If you are beautiful eyes then also you can pushed off to one side as it will draw attention towards the eye area and drag attention from the forehead with wrinkles or dropping jawline.

Spiky Cuts- To make your hair well defined and prominent geometric forms, you need to take short crops as are helpful to define your square shape. You can opt for some curvy and round features and the need of radical surgery will vanish because your hair style has made you look stunning without spending money and time.