Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 60

Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 60Usually Ladies feel embarrassed with their excess pounds round the body but if she doesn’t manage to look great then the problem goes double. So, it is must you have worn perfect clothes and wear great hairstyle with that so that it can enhance your style statement. You need to pick the one which will help to drag attention from the larger faces of obese ladies and makes the chin and neck area look slimmer. Following mentioned are some of hairstyles for overweight women over 60 so you can manage to look fresh, slim and younger as well.

Hairstyles for 60 year old women

Bob Haircut- When you have bob hairstyle then it would get all the attention to your eyes. Your bob hairstyle should start from the chin or little under that. For sides you would have longest layer. To create more funky looks you need to have little longer hair in the back in place of having straight or blunt bob. It will make you look slimmer as well as younger than your age. As the attention is now towards your eyes and cheekbones so can look great. If you would have longer bangs then your face will not look round and short.

Long Layers– Ladies who love to have longer hair should adopt the style. Now, your hair should be of shoulder length and you have to make layers of the hairs. Layers will create frame to your face. Long layers would help to make your face look slimmer and longer. For sultry style, you should have long side bang into your hair. Make side partition of your hair and keep your bangs swoop across your forehead.

Volume- When you are at 60, it is quite possible that you would have thin hair and to give volume to your hair you should try some volumes hairstyle. You need to do things for adding height to the hair and it would make your face looked in shape. Wash your hair and make them dry using dryer. Now, it is the time to apply mousse to hair to add volume to hair. Now, use a large and round brush to brush your hair. Add a pomade to the crown of your head and will make them looking voluminous and to make it hard you have to use hairspray. Now, make a crown to your head with a rat tail comb. With a brush you should smooth the hair. Now, decorate the style using hair accessories like clips etc.

Short length Hairstyle– You would require a short hairstyle which will drag attention to your facial features. If you are blessed with feminine facial features or have pointy chin then nothing would be better than a pixie short hairstyle for you. It will help you to look hotter even you are obese because it would drag attention from your excess weight. The best part is that it is suitable for ladies of all ages as it is short and fabulous hairstyle.