Hairstyles for Over 40 Women with Round Faces

Hairstyles for Over 40 Women with Round FacesHaving perfect hairstyle is what that can add values to your face. So, you must choose the hairstyle which suits you perfectly and also goes hand in hand with fashion. Below mentioned are hairstyles for over 40 women with round faces.

Hairstyles For Older Women With Fat Round Faces

Mixed Length Layers– If you are having round face then you should opt for waves as it can become your signature style. The thing you have to do is to just angle your layers out the correct way. This style will have to make your round face look shorter. You can also ask your stylist for loose and face framing layers. Leave your first layers past the chin. Then you have sections of hair which you can wrap around a one and a quarter inch barrel curling iron. When ironing complete, feather it away from the face. Now, brushes your curls and it will add volume to your hair and make them look shiny too.

Angle Bangs- It is a shoulder length hair cut. When bangs come to the round face it make it look even more bigger then to tackle that situation, adjustment of width is done as it would prevent bangs from shortening a round face. The bangs are cut once above the eyelashes from cheekbone to cheekbone, and then angle them down from sides for 3 quarters of an inch. Now the whole attention will reach at the eyes. Now, using the round brush, make them smooth over with flatiron. Those who love to have matte look will like this definitely as it doesn’t look greasy and brings stability to hair too.

Tapered Pixie- If you love to have short hair or hair health is not good enough then don’t feel bad in chopped them short. You can have pointed sides as will make your round face look even more beautiful.

Capacious Lob-This hairstyle has balancing effect as the cheeks are the fullest part of round face and if weight is kept at the strands then enhance angles along the jawline. Also, the hairstyle has soft layers at the bottom which would add thickness to hair. This style will make you feel of retro look but don’t make it over styling. You can set your hair using hot rollers and when it is done then brush down your curls. It will take their own shape.

Three layers- It is a super long cut and it gives length to face. The subtle layers start from the collarbone and prevent it from falling flat. As the hairstyle have light layers and thus it give volume to thin shears and a little lift. When all the lengths go together it looks its one length. Also the long hair are more prone to hair fall and damage so you should maintain the health using hair makes once a week.

Side Swept- So many ladies goes threatens by though if bangs. Usually they are not meant for the round face but if you go for deep side part and a shoulder length cut then it gives thinness to face.