Google Set To Launch $99 Nexus Tablet This Quarter

nexus 7It is quite possible that Google might inaugurate cheaper version of Nexus Tablet.

This company is doing their work along with a company named Quanta computer, it is basically Taiwan based company. It harvests a $99 Nexus Tablet. Also, it was crowed that it would be single core processor. The tablet would be launch by the end of this year. Even some of the sources said that tablet is not being established by the partnership with Asus, this is a company which has helped Google producing its Nexus 7. The new one would be the cheaper one and it would be different from Nexus 7 lineup.

$99 Nexus Tablet May Arrive This Quarter

Last month, it was also said that it is possible to come new nexus tablet. Google was also prepping the version and the cost would be $99 but for others, the retails amount will be $199. At that time, it seems that the name of the new device would be Nexus 7 and will be established in the partnership with Asus. Today, it is clear that any of the claims said before are not true.

The cheaper version of Nexus comes against the environment as now there is the possibility that Google is going to launch the more classy 32 GB Nexus 7 which is totally opposite as per their promises. The cost which was said $199 has changed to the %323 now for the new version.

Google Nexus 7 was launched in the earlier time of this year is available in 8GB and 16 GB now.  The cost of 8 GB is $199 whereas the 16 GB option costs about $249. When the 32 GB Nexus 7 was launched on Staples advantage (it is a retail site for business users) next day Argos’ leak comes. The device costs $248.37.

It really doesn’t mean that Google is not working for the betterment of Nexus line; definitely it is doing their work. Even Apple has showcased iPad Mini, the device has 7.85 inches screen and design is like revenge with devices like Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.