SEO Trek: The Search for Google RankBrain

Every marketer who holds SEO close to his/her heart will optimize for Google’s AI tool; RankBrain. The search engine has deployed artificial intelligence to deal with the humongous search query volumes that it deals with each day. According to Google, there are many other search signals that the search engine employs but RankBrain is ranked as top three. Of late, not many people know the immense potential that RankBrain holds when it comes to page ranking.

Over the years, the conventional notion was that excellent content and premium backlinks were the key to better rankings. With the entry of RankBrain, it’s important to understand that the game has changed. The previous fanaticism with keywords might not be the ideal tactic to rely on if SEO is to work for your brand.

In this day and age, discerning marketers need to recognize how Google is employing AI to rank their prominent pages. Also, there is need to strategize on how to capitalize on content organization, and layout to take advantage of intelligent tools such as RankBrain

With every query, the search engine results page (SERP) shows thousands of results derived by Google’s algorithms and ranking factors. The fact remains that your rank is determined by your content, links and now, RankBrain.

What is RankBrain?

From a layman’s perspective, RankBrain is the ranking signal that makes an intelligent decision based on what a user is searching for. This Serpbook tool can determine what will rank tops in a given niche. This means your niche will be treated differently from another. The thing is rank brain will overhaul SEO. It will keep learning and getting better as it conducts more searches. What might have thrust your page to the top today might end up being the reason why the same page drop to the lowest of ranks tomorrow.

What is the impact on the marketer?

Any marketer who ignores the power of RankBrain will be missing out on smart opportunities to drive traffic to their site. Maximizing on the AI tool will translate into a high rank on Google and it can in turn place you on top of the SERP. Automatically, such a site will enjoy high CTR and impressive reactions to the page’s CTAs.

At the same time, RankBrain is likely to reward pages with excellent user experience. As a website owner, you need to be alert to assess signal that tells you about the state of your sites UX. As soon as you realize the shortcomings that make your page a nuisance to users, consider modifying them but not blindly. Bounce rates are an indicator that you need to do something to avoid RankBrain taking action to demote the page.

Is your click-through rate impressive?

Optimizing for RankBrain isn’t just about the keywords. You need to face-lift the tiles and your descriptions. The element of emotions will invoke more attention same as shortening your URLs into a readable and user-friendly format. These are just some of the factors that will boost your CTR immediately. Remember, the dwell time on your page is a crucial factor. Improve your aesthetics and offer an incentive that will keep users on your page for longer. The page with scannable easy to read content will score high, and RankBrain will present you a higher Google rank as a result.

How high is your bounce rate?

Does your page offer your prospects what they need as soon as they visit? By giving users the answers or solutions they need, it’s rare that they will bounce off. Make your call to action easy to find and have the most impacting content prioritized. If the crux of your content is buried amid the fluff, RankBrain will skip just like your users.

If you are consistently ascribing to such practices, RankBrain will progressively push up your rank, and you won’t know it until you find your page on top of the SERP outcome. Remember, the special thing with RankBrain is that it doesn’t necessarily punish sites, it assesses the worthiness of the website and elevates or downgrades according to their value and relevance.

Before you embark on a strategy building phase to push your ranks up, i5ts advisable to note that RankBrain doesn’t operate as a detached technology it’s integrated into existing algorithm system that Google uses to evaluate and score a site. Even though there are hundreds of ranking signals, RankBrain has risen to become a core ranking tool. If you aren’t optimizing for it, you need to remember that it profoundly determines how a search query will be reported on the SERPs.

Use Natural Keywords

Optimizing for RankBrain means you need to consider relative words and phrases. There is an imperative need to use a natural keyword. You need to avoid redundancy but give RankBrain all the reason to identify relevance with words that act as a secondary keyword. On option that will work in this content is to have long form content where synonymous key phases are sprinkled all over.

Naturally Sounding Content

If you were used to Over-optimizing for your page in the past, RankBrain has made the search function smarter. Stuffing will lead to a page ranking lower. Think of keywords as, but you need to use phrases to refine your content to sound natural. The intelligent aspect of artificial intelligence tools like RankBrain will take note of sites whose content is written for actual users and not search engines.

RankBrain and SEO future

It’s no doubt that RankBrain will change how SEO is done. The focus needs to be on producing killer content. The more impact that your content makes, the higher the chances that RankBrain will front your site up there. It’s true that Google’s search algorithm is evolving as it learns and becomes a human factor. However, it’s evident that it keeps off from robotic and automated tendencies as it weighs up websites.

As previously thought, Artificial Intelligence will change the face of search and SEO. With RankBrain incorporated into search algorithms, the ground is set to shift towards making the user experience the focus instead of keywords.