Going Out Tops to Wear With Leggings

Going Out Tops to Wear With LeggingsLeggings are now a day’s more in fashion as they look chic and classy and are worn like a skinny pant by the females. Designer Donna Karan launched leggings to the fashion world with their introduction in 1985 which is very popular these days among all age groups. Although some women hesitate to get the look of leggings when they are about their first incarnation but you can get the best look by wearing going out tops to wear with leggings suggestions. Here are the best dresses that you can wear with leggings:

Tunics: A fashionable and comfortable option is to wear leggings with a tunic. A tunic that goes beyond your derriere gives a flattering look. You can wear printed or plain tunic in spring and summer season. The tunics are available in different types of fabric. Knit jersey and sweater material is common types of fabric. But make sure that the size of the tunic is such that it covers the hips. You can accessorize tunic with a belt. An elegant outfit is to wear a black tunic with black leggings and high heel boots of black color.

Mini Dresses: Mini dresses can be paired with leggings. It is a good idea to wear with leggings and it gives a sporty and youthful look. This type of dress gives a slender of slender calves. Many different types of dresses can be worn with leggings. Wear colors according to the occasion you are going. Dresses and Skirts: Dresses and skirts that cover your knees or not go well with full or three fourth leggings. A dress with a wide belt at the wait looks amazing when worn with leggings. Teenage women should wear miniskirts with leggings.

Trench Coat: Trench coat dresses like coat dress is another good option to wear with leggings. Try to stick with dark colors like black or brown to give a slimmer look. A khaki trench with leggings is popular among youth. It is one of the sophisticated trends. This type of coats goes well with going out tops to wear with leggings particularly in winters.

T-shirts: T-shirts or tank tops with leggings are popular among youth. Silky leggings with crystal studded T-shirts is a trendy and cool clothing option. But make sure that the shirt that you wear is well proportionate for the shorter torso so that it will not look that you are wearing a dress with leggings than with a shirt. Tall women should wear long shirts to cover their back portion .In case it is not possible to cover it, then you can wear shrugs over T-shirts or tank tops.

Now to increase the monochromatic look of your going out tops to wear with leggings, you should choose a color of leggings that complements the whole dress. Sometimes a contrasting color gives a fabulous look and in some type of dresses, you need to wear a similar shade. So wear colors carefully to increase the look of your whole dress. So wear the best going out tops with leggings and get a fabulous look.