Give Yourself A Fabulous Look By Following Tips On Wearing Heels

Walking in heels is not an easy task as high heels can do miracles for some women while for some it is a painful sacrifice for beauty. The heels give you a slimmer, taller and fashionable look but the only thing you need is to walk confidently while walking in heels. Check out some interesting ideas to look good in heels:

How to Look Good in Heels

Do practice walking: Walk into your home by wearing high heels and watch how your feet moves in a heel that is only one or two inches high. Use ankle strap till the time your ankle muscles become more powerful to get a grip in heels as strong ankles are very much required for wearing high heels.

Buy only quality heels: Make sure that you buy a good quality high heel as low quality heels are not able to give you proper support and if your ankle twists due to heel then it may damage your feet.

Stand straight: While wearing heels always try to stand straight and hold yourself in an upright position to look confident. By doing so you will gain control over your upper body and your confidence level will increase. Do not pull your eyes downward.

Keep your steps in a straight line: Always try to keep your steps in a straight line as if you will keep you both feet apart then your feet may wobble. Do not try to cross your one foot over with another.

Take even footsteps: The footsteps should be even and the toes should point forward and all the steps should be closer to another as long steps causes lots of discomfort.

Give adequate relax to hips and knees: The hips and knees should follow the steps of the foot .You should also learn to keep a control on your torso area. So relaxation is necessary in hip and knee area. The lower abs should also be tightened to give strength to your lower back.

Move your body weight forward: The higher the heels the more weight you should put forward. You should not step your toe first and do not assume that your heel will carry your body weight when you will walk.