Garlic for Treating Cancer

Garlic for Cancer TreatmentGarlic edible bulb is a small vegetable. This herb belongs to the family of Lily. Because of its health benefit the herb have a good reputation in the world of herbs. Botanical name of the herb is Allium Sativum.  As it is from lily family so onions, leeks and chives are called its cousins. Garlic is a wonder food and that is the reason it has ability to not only make the food tasty and aromatic but also make it wonderfully healthy. Because of its health beneficial values the herb is mainly used in most of home remedies for treating different problems. Garlic is good for treatment of heart diseases and also for treating many types of cancers. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal and also cardio-protective values.

Many experts used to make experiments and according to that experiments garlic are rich in Vitamin B, enzymes and also minerals and also it is good source of iron, copper, protein, manganese and also calcium. Garlic also has 80 sulfur containing compounds.

Garlic and Cancer

Now, you will be thinking that what the relation between cancer and garlic is. Then, remember one thing that to fight with cancer, one must have strong immune system and as you know that those who take good amount of garlic have strong immune system. A study which was done in 1960 said garlic is excellent for cancer patients. In that study, some of the cancer patients were give the juice of garlic on regular basis and between them 70% people show positive results. Regular consumption of garlic also give strength to the white cells of body and you know that these white cells are what that are helpful to fight with the cancer cells.

Another survey said that garlic can also help to prevent the body from cancer. A survey was done in the six different countries of the world and some of them are China, Egypt and Italy. According to the survey the countries where garlic is used on regular basis are found with very less cases of the cancer. In year 1980 a study was done and in that China said the people who eat about 20-25g of fresh garlic on daily basis are very less risk of cancer.

Also, those want to get more benefits from garlic must remember one thing that first they have to peel the garlic and after the gap of 15 minutes they have to cook it as this gap will allow the reactions of enzymes to take place and thus it increase the health benefits of the garlic. There are so many methods by which you can have the garlic as you can even take raw garlic, use it in your food or also you can have the tablets of garlic supplements. These tablets are also good for the people who are not interested in tasting the garlic.

Side Effects of Garlic

There are lots of benefits of the garlic but there is also another face of the coin that as there is presence of benefits, the side effects are also here. A study said that garlic activates TRPA1 and also it is generator of pain in spinal cord. In some cases people also face the problem of itching, diarrhea, asthma, headache and also some face allergic reactions.