Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 60Throughout the ages a woman’s hair is considered as her most prized accessory. Women throughout history have styled their hair in a wide variety of ways depending on the culture they come from. Over the years, styles have changed and hairstyles have become a very important aspect of a woman’s personal grooming regime. At the age of 60 the lady has pretty much seen everything in life and the marks show it. But that doesn’t mean that she can just let go of herself with no style. Today age is just a number and quite a few practice this mantra.

With age the hair does get a little dry and a little difficult to manage. However, there are ways and styles that can still keep you looking as young as you feel.

Top  Haircuts for Women in Their 60s

The best flattering hairstyles for women over 60 this age group are: –

  • The cute pixie cut: – This hairstyle is fuss free and looks great on people with good cheek bones and a vibrant personality.
  • A Bob cut: – Bobs are of different types depending on the type of hair and face cut. But this is one hairstyle which would flatter almost any woman at any age. A chin-length bob with bangs can cover up any bulk on the face and give you a fine look. A sleek bob looks lovely on women with straight and fine hair. For a more dramatic effect cut the hair slightly shorter in the back and leaving the front longer. This gives a very chic finish to the cut.
  • Layers: –If you wish to have long hair then layering is the perfect style. This is extremely stylish and easy to maintain. Layers around the face with side bangs are classy and elegant for any kind of look. A layered chin-length cut will suit any hair type.
  • Soft Shag: – A shaggy hairstyle can give more bounce and volume for older women. Layered shag is a blunt look and can give older women a little versatility. Short shag with angled bangs is another option that is easy to style.
  • Skimming Style: – If you prefer the slightly longer hair then you can opt for the shoulder skimming style with side bangs. This will cover any damaged strands and make you look absolutely chic.
  • Streaks or highlights:  Regardless of age and hair style older women look great with very subtle highlights or streaks. This makes the hair seem rich and healthy and also adds shine to the skin as well.
  • Tapered Cut: – A short tapered cut flatters high cheekbones and slender neck. This haircut also opens up the face and makes you look brighter.
  • Pompadour Style: – This one never goes out of style. The modified pompadour which is tapered at the sides gives a very flattering fullness at the crown.
  • Bangs: – Bangs can literally wipe off years from your face. Be it fringy bangs, or side bangs or the blunt ones. These just works wonders with older women, or women of any age for that matter.