Fashion Tips for Fat Women

Fat Women FashionLet’s face it the top rated designers do not keep the healthier women when they are creating outfits. That does not mean that you have to walk around wearing tents, here are some great fashion tips for fat women.  Fat can be made to look flattering if you dress in an appropriate manner. Start by wearing clothes that compliment the sections of your body that are larger.

Remember that monochrome give the body an elongated look. Darker muted colors will give you a thinner look so go for the dark gray, deep silver, wine, burgundy, jade cranberry, chocolate brown etc. Long straight skirts or dresses are good and they tend to transform your appearance. Stay away from tight garments as they tend to bring out all of your bulges even the ones you didn’t know existed! Stick to fabrics that tend to skim the outline of your body rather than cling to it.

The clingy fabrics show all the creases and bulges in your body whereas the fabrics skim just outline you body elegantly. Never go near anything that has horizontal lines, does not matter how great it is. Vertical designs on the other hand, are ideal for short stout women. When ever possible go for the V-neck designed garments at these give the impression of a longer neck.

If you are a pants person then opt for the straight leg kind as these give your body the unbroken, continuous look. These straight cut jeans are good if your hips are wide because they drop directly from the waist to the ankle. It is a good idea to get a pair with some stretch to it, so they are more comfortable to wear and fit the body well. Again remember to stick to the neutral colors like dark blue, brown or black.

Choosing the right accessories is an essential part of you dressing because accessories take the focus away from the problem areas. Try to match your shoes as closely as possible to the shade of the dress you wear. Also high heels give your legs an elongated look. When choosing jewelry go for the long pieces as they will give your neck a longer look. Chokers and polo necks give a squeezed up look.